Introducing your new destination for hard, fast techno - Tempo. Tempo comes to Sydney on Friday 1st December at Metro Social featuring techno heavyweights Alignment & Basswell plus a stellar local lineup.

One thing is certain, Italian wonder boy Alignment likes to turn heads. With a strong focus to work on his productions and DJ career, Francesco Pier has engaged himself in the heart of the vibrant techno scene. Describing his style as “A journey to the dark corners of one’s inner self” his music is reminiscent of an enigmatic soundtrack to an endless post-apocalyptic warehouse rave. Strong melodies are flanked by deep bass lines, pumping kicks, and reverberating synths. Don’t miss your chance to see him live on stage.

A hardtechno enthusiast, Basswell has a powerful and assertive style, mixing fast / hard and rave style. A talented and prolific producer, his tracks such as "Bass Down Low", "Around" and "Hear the sound" have already been played by some of the biggest names and his innovative and constantly evolving style is appreciated by labels such as Exhale or Color.