Join us in Sydney on 11th October from 8pm for Reggae Night with the best Brazilian reggae band, Planta e Raiz!

Since their first recordings in the early 2000s, Planta e Raiz has impressed with their energy and impactful compositions. Songs like “Com certeza”, an ode to nature, and “Ghetto do Universo”, featuring Chorão's poetry, have marked an era and paved the way for new classics like “Filho do Leão” (2017) and the current hit “Filme de Romance”.

Their live performances are truly special, thrilling crowds in all major cities of Brazil, Europe, Japan, and now Australia, with over 2,000 shows to date. Their latest venture, ‘The Australian Tour’, is their most ambitious yet, aiming to expand their global reach. Secure your spot now!

Don’t miss out on the captivating melodies and energetic stage presence of Planta e Raiz. Make it a memorable night for the whole family! Mark your calendars and immerse yourself in a night filled with incredible music, passion, and pure entertainment. Don’t wait—get your tickets today and be part of the Planta e Raiz Tour in Sydney.