Portugal’s Hybrid Theory are the only Linkin Park Tribute that matter - a show by Linkin Park fans, for Linkin Park fans. Set List includes all your LP bangers – One Step Closer, Given Up, Faint, Papercut, Burn it Down, Crawling, Points of Authority, What I’ve Done, Numb, Breaking the Habit, In the End, Bleed it Out and loads More.

Replicating the unique style and essence of Linkin Park is a daunting feat. Add to that the deep

admiration and affection their fans hold for them, and attempting a tribute becomes even more

challenging. However, Hybrid Theory rises to the occasion, paying full respect and love to the band they emulate. Their live performances are a testament to their dedication and talent, and it's clear. that they truly enjoy what they do. Without a doubt, Hybrid Theory is the only Linkin Park tribute that truly does justice to the legendary band.

“If you ever missed out on seeing Linkin Park perform in concert, Hybrid Theory is a near-perfect replica” (Amplify)