In a melody-swept garden of their own making, four dreamers weave together strands of imagination and creativity, crafting an auditory landscape as their band's name suggests.

With a heartfelt nod to the roots of Chinese rock music, they dare to dance beyond the boundaries of convention, painting the air with a tapestry of sounds that defy the ordinary, shaping a distinctive indie music style that belongs solely to them.

Within the folds of their music lies a rich tapestry of emotions – at times a whisper of restraint, at others a burst of uninhibited joy, sometimes a shadow of melancholy, and occasionally, a spark of wry critique. This intricate emotional landscape mirrors the complex psyche of a new generation, poised on the brink of change, navigating the currents of this era with boldness and grace.

They stand as valiant idealists, channelling their profound reflections on society, life, and the human spirit into melodies that resonate with unvarnished truth and romantic fervour. Armed with this compassionate vision, they seek to share the treasures of their minds, hoping to touch the hearts of many with the most precious thoughts and dreams.

On their journey, they embody the essence of indie music – fearless, unapologetic, and deeply human, promising to leave an indelible mark on the world of Chinese rock music.