"Xing Ge 2.0" Chen Hongyu 2024 Australia Tour Sydney

March 5th, Sydney

Location: 624 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000

Time: 7:00pm entrance

"After the rain, a car comes driving/Passing through the pale twilight/An old tin car heads south, the lover no longer there/Listening to the radio of poetry beneath the heavy smoke..."

This song "Ideal Three Decades," with over 480,000 comments on NetEase Cloud Music, is the work that introduced many to folk music and made them fall in love with it. It's also the key that helped us understand and enter the musical world of Hongyu Chen.

His deep and healing voice, coupled with the gentle and light guitar sound, sings out those beautifully conceived sentences.

With headphones on, listening to his music, it seems to help us "escape" from the noisy reality, into a poetic and lofty world.

As we choose the path of studying abroad, saying goodbye to the past and moving towards an unknown future.

The train of our life also moves towards "Three Decades," station by station. Every time we listen to his song again, we can always hear a different flavor and mood.

We begin to understand his stories, and gradually, as we listen to his songs, we also write our own.

"Just like wandering, just like when we were young, seeking several beautiful scenes under the broken starlight; just like forgiving, just like when we were young, finding several long-lasting words of love..."

And this March, Chen Hongyu, who has accompanied us in our headphones for countless days and nights, will finally come to Australia to meet us in Melbourne face to face!

"Xing Ge·Young People" was the theme of the 2017 tour. After 7 years, in 2024, a new round of "Xing Ge 2.0" tour is about to start, continuing the theme of moving forward, a look back, and more importantly, a return to the original intention.

With the seventh album and a new stage in life, for Hongyu, it's a very important time point. Xing Ge 2.0, Hongyu will be in Australia, feeling the journey, returning to the road he came from, "traversing" through time and space.

As Hongyu's first tour, the live performance not only has new arrangements and designs for stage beauty and music, but also more surprises waiting for everyone to unlock on site!

Up to now, Hongyu has conducted 6 rounds of tours in China, with his tour footprint covering almost the entire country, and his songs being appreciated and loved by more and more people.