Unfortunately, due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions put in place, Thy Art Is Murder's upcoming show at the Metro Theatre has been postponed, with a new date still to be confirmed. 

We encourage all patrons to hold onto their tickets as we finalise the new date, as all existing tickets will be remain valid for this new date once it is confirmed.

The Metro Theatre & Destination NSW are proud to announce the Metro Theatre’s 7 Day Weekend.

This June The Metro Theatre will turn the lights on for the first time since the pandemic forced venues around the country to shut their doors. We are ecstatic to present this incredible series of events as part of the Sydney Solstice.

Immerse yourself in multiple nights of some of the best artists and events from around the country.

Rare is it for a band to live up to their name so profusely. Since their formation in 2006, New South Wales' Thy Art Is Murder have made killing their business... and as ol' Dave would say, business is good. Their nightmarish void is one where resistance is futile – you can but sit helplessly as the relentless blastbeats and gut-ripping guitars pummel you sideways. In the best possible way, of course.

With 2012's riff-shitting monolith, Hate, the Aussie death crew made history: being the first ever extreme metal band to crack the top 40 on home soil, and in the process sit proudly at the top of the Australian Independent Record chart. It was a cycle that would see them play a colossal 342 dates around the world, butchering crowds in each corner of the globe and touring the US more times than every other Australian band out there. Their appearances on touring megafest Summer Slaughter – as well as dates with Suicide SilenceBorn Of Osiris and Emmure – soon became the stuff of legend. Like we said, resistance is futile...

And if you think Hate was a facemelter, just wait ‘til you hear third studio album Holy War, produced by Will Putney and set for release this June through legendary metal label Nuclear Blast. The juggernaut grooves heard on tracks like Absolute Genocide, Fur And Claw and Emptiness will snap your neck like a swarm of beers engulfing you. And the increased dynamics of haunting synth textures and moody strings will simply add to the confusion: it’s more uncompromising, more unsettling and more bloodthirsty in its own unique way – something which the band were keen to explore right from the off.