Magnum Opus Presents.:

⚫️🟡 ⚫️Incrementum: Sydney ⚫️🟡⚫️

A night of heavy n' technical bass featuring:

🔱 Akov 🔱

⚜️ Fre4knc ⚜️

🔆 Screamarts 🔆

🔳 Xsetra 🔳

🔲 Praxis 🔲

🏷First round tickets 🏷: $ 40 released soon.

Our southern land has been waiting for the Austrian masters and Symbiotic label founders, Akov and Screamarts. Their new Hive Mind LP has been stampeding through the scene.

Netherlands native Fre4knc has been stirring up a storm with his new

little things' EP. Recently playing alongside the likes of Nosia, Phace and Halogenix at 'Nosia Invites'.

Magnum Opus will host Incrementum across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to celebrate our Incrementum VA launch.

Incrementum represents our growth as a musical group. We look forward to bringing you all together for a blasting show.