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Reality Bites (Shorts)

See fascinating real-life narratives in short bite-size pieces. Everything from gnomes, grannies smoking weed, blood, family nightmares and robot porn!


Dir. Nick McLaren // 2012 // Australia // 12:25

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s land rights protest, initiated outside the Australian Parliament in January 1972, rattled the government and sent a startling message around the world. The film follows the story through four protagonists, who recall first hand, events that shaped Aboriginal Australia’s most effective political action.

AQUADETTES Australian Premiere

Dir. Drea Cooper, Zackary Canepari // 2012 // USA // 10:00

The Aquadettes are a group of elderly synchronized swimmers from Leisure World, a retirement community nestled in Orange County, California. One of them, Margo Bauer, is fighting multiple sclerosis and using medical marijuana to ease her pain and to keep on swimming.


Dir. George-Alex Nagle // 2011 // Australia // 4:30

A self-reflexive documentation of the process and outcomes of developing a film in my own blood. Originally a 22-minute video installation loop, edited for cinema.

CLOSING BELL Australian Premiere

Dir. John Ambros // 2012 // USA // 4:30

It is September 2008 and as Congress contemplates a 700 billion dollar bailout for the banks, a broker must decide where to allocate his money. With just a few minutes left before the closing bell, his mind drifts to the deep-rooted problems of the country’s economic structure and what may happen if the country fails to maintain a genuine free-market structure.

FAMILY NIGHTMARE Australian Premiere

Dir. Dustin Guy Defa // 2012 // USA // 10:00

A dizzy trip through the mid-1990s with a dysfunctional American family. Reliving a distracted child’s birthday party, an emotionless wedding, a Halloween in a garage and a Christmas marked with alcohol, drugs and perversion, the film is a crumpled letter from a filmmaker to his family: a shattered kaleidoscope of the destructive patterns that have trapped and wounded its members.


Dir. Emma Varker // 2011 // Australia // 2:12

All good girls flood blood.

GRADE 5 World Premiere

Dir. Michael Strickland // 2011 // Australia // 1:41

An autobiographical account of a single traumatising event of childhood bullying that took place at a small school in rural Australia.


Dir. Paul Turano // 2011 // USA // 3:00

The death throes of old energy witnessed by the innocent, inspired by the George Bataille essay “Smokestack”. Part of the Repurposed Web Reports series, composed entirely of media collected from the margins of the Internet.


Dir. Elena Hattersley // 2012 // Australia // 00:05:13

‘Well I started with about 20 gnomes and now I’ve got about 300-400.’ Kerry, collector of all things gnome.

THE MEANING OF ROBOTS Australian Premiere

Dir. Matt Lenski // 2012 // USA // 4:00

The benevolent Mike Sullivan, age 65, has been shooting an epic stop-motion robot sex film in his apartment for the last 10 years. Obsessed with constructing the miniature robot porn stars, his apartment now overflows with thousands of them.

TASTES LIKE CHICKEN? Australian Premiere

Dir. Quico Meirelles // 2012 // Brazil // 15:00

In a factory farm a chicken has a vision: she becomes aware of the wheels that rule her life and her destiny. Even cloistered among millions of chickens who don’t share her anguish, she believes a different life is possible.

01.39411.999 World Premiere

Dir. Rajee Samarasinghe // 2012 // U.S.A // 4:44

Inspired, in part, by Susan Sontag’s ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’. This short video examines the integrity and effects of representational violence on spectators through a variety of formal abstractions. Pain as the Constitutive Other.


Dir. Waleed Nesyif // 2011 // Canada/Iraq // 10:27

Often we are reminded of home through smells, colors, scenes or even sounds. Yearning is a journey through my country, Iraq, with the subtext that sometimes we even miss the horrors of War because it reminds us of home.