SAT 27 JUL @ 9PM

Early Bird $41.10
First Release $51.10
Second Release $61.60
Final Release $72.50
(02) 9550 3666
Concert Mode - General Admission
On sale now @ The Metro Theatre & Ticketek

TROPICAL LAB arrives bringing a new identity and concept to Brazilian parties in Australia, our ultimate goal: to turn your night into a lab of unforgettable moments.

Our Lab was created to mix all the tropical wonders from Brazil with joy, music, love and diversity, delivering a unique and nostalgic experience, bringing that cheeky smile to your faces, spreading positivity through each and everyone that’s gonna be there.

The Tropical on our name comes from the Tropicália, a musical movement that started in the 60’s lead by Caetano Velloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Jorge Ben Jor and others, when they made history revolutionizing the Brazilian music scene. Can you see where we’re heading? Our lab is gonna mix everything up, the old with the new, Brazilians with the world, rap with samba.

To present you an unforgettable formula, we’ve invited some acts that will represent the best of the Brazilian music only.

If you’re not involved yet, take it easy cause we brought the right man to solve that issue, and he comes accompanied by a band that has had shows all over Australia turning everything into samba, besides that and D js bringing the best of the Brazilian swagger, the music won’t stop.