Supported by The Bucket Boys, The Assets & Elliot Road

SAT 22 JUN @ 4:45PM

(02) 9550 3666
Concert Mode - General Admission
On sale now @ The Metro Theatre
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Ruckus at the Lair, hosted by Airline Samurai, is a band evening at The Lair theatre where you can come and see four upcoming Sydney youth bands in action. The Bucket Boys, Elliot Road, The Assets and Airline Samurai. All four of these bands would love to show you what they’ve been working on, with plenty of original music in the making.

Airline Samurai is a Indie rock band that has an eclectic array of influences anywhere from Rage Against the Machine to The Beatles. After forming 5 months ago, Airline Samurai have played at MCA GENEXT and now have organised this event to showcase the talent and skill in Sydney’s youth band scene. Ruckus at the Lair is open to all ages, and, with the diversity in styles of music, is sure to entertain any audience.

Be sure to bring a friend and enjoy, in true rock and roll style, a nice early night.