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Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant will bring their informative and humourous Stuff You Should Know: LIVE show to Australia for the first time this September.

Stuff You Should Know baits and sates our natural sense of curiosity. Whether listeners want to learn about how water slides work, what Spam is made of, or why spiders are so creepy, Josh & Chuck deliver the details quickly, comically, and with clarity. Every time they take their fascinating show on the road to educate the masses, the duo give fans the opportunity to witness a unique, never-heard-before episode unfold in real time–the result being an evening of learning and laughter.

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant are the hosts of the research-based, general knowledge podcast that is loved around the world. Having faithfully released two episodes each week since 2008, the pair released their 1000th episode (a two-parter on The Simpsons) in October 2017. And they show no sign of slowing down, there’s still too many to cover.. Enough to keep them going for decades in fact (so long as they don’t get hit by a bus or anything like that).

So far they’ve recorded episodes on everything from disco to the time when Nazis invaded Florida in WWII; wonky stuff like trickle-down economics and voter suppression; science-y topics like the sun, global warming, bioluminescence and willpower; and totally random topics you’d never think could be interesting, like grass, zoot suits and shotgun houses (all three of those are great ones, by the way).

Josh and Chuck became friends while working as senior editors at A few years into their careers there, Clark founded the podcast Stuff You Should Know in 2008 as an attempt to repackage some of the website’s most popular content. Though he had never heard a podcast before, he soon found success with friend and co-host Bryant , who joined him a month into production. Since then the informative program has ranked among the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes. The podcast was so popular that parent company Discovery Channel produced a mockumentary style TV show of the same name in 2013.

Since 2014, the dynamic duo have taken their show on the road to sold-out audiences in cities across the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Stuff You Should Know: Live is like the podcast, but arguably 10-20% funnier and sometimes a little bluer.

Josh & Chuck invite you to experience their hit podcast live in person–it will most assuredly knock your socks off!

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