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SUN 10 JUN @ 9PM

1st Release - $35 + Booking Fee
2nd Release - $45 + Booking Fee
Final Release - $55 + Booking Fe
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Originally formed by Goldie, Kemistry and Storm in 1994, the Metalheadz idea was initially started with a dream to start a label, a club ‘and we’ll print some te-shirts.’ What became of it from there, was a 25 year plus journey that has defined Drum and Bass across the world. 

As a label, pushing the envelope in sound and advocating for a true love and passion for the culture within Drum and Bass has been key. You’d be hard-pressed to find a label that comes close. 

With a foundation in the 90’s with the Blue Note nights, the label has prided itself to be cutting edge, and a leader in the sound. Metalheadz released the groundbreaking Platinum Breaks series of compilations, which were hailed by critics as the uniquely futuristic sound of young, multiracial Britain. They showcased a maturing genre of music that displayed the influences of reggae, hip-hop, house and techno and were highly sophisticated and intricately-produced, contrary to the image of the music that had been presented by the mass media up to that point. 

The imprint boasts an artist list of ‘who’s who’ in D&B. From the formative years showcasing the talents of Dillinja, Photek, Peshay, Randall, Grooverider, and Doc Scott, building upon the legacy with artist such as Jubei, Lenzman, Mako and Diom & Roland… the list is extensive. Within the last few years singles EP’s and LP releases from the likes of Dom 7 Roland, DLR, Om Unit, Ulterior Motive not forgetting pushing newer arts with the likes of Detboi … Its impossible to fault the roster and what they deliver. 

Synonymous with Drum and Bass music, culture and innovation, we now bring you a showcase of three of the biggest names to represent the label in an intimate evening. 

Sydney, this is your Metalheadz Label Showcase.