THU 14 SEP @ 7PM

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7pm: Doors // 7:30pm: Fox Holmes // 8:15pm: The Brassholes // 9pm: Hot Potato Band

Anything could happen – Known to cause a severe case of happy fever, this 11 piece brass band is sure to put a smile on your face in an incredibly unique live show

After launching their new, eagerly awaited album ‘Paint The Town’, and returning from their acclaimed performances at Woodford Folk Festival, Hot Potato Band have become one of the most celebrated performing bands in Australia both on and off the stage. From large scale festivals to intimate venues they have successfully captured the energy and interaction of their street performances and perfectly integrated it into their on stage show. Beware, as they make you the centre of their performance… literally!

The bands unique sound comes from the absence of a single drum kit, bass guitar and electrified instruments. Three drummers create synchronised grooves on a deconstructed drum kit. The bass lines are covered by an enormous, lung busting Sousaphone. Two baritone saxophones mimic the part of a rhythm guitar and the bands huge array of horns cover catchy chorus lines and provide a beautiful harmonic cloud for the vocals to float above.