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FRI 19 MAY @ 9PM

First Release - $20 + Booking Fee // 2nd Release - $25 + Booking Fee // Final Release - $30 + Booking Fee
(02) 9550 3666
On sale now @ Metro Theatre

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Buy tickets online

May 2007 – VOID was born for the few following the early strains of Dubstep and Grime. Things quickly took off and for the next five busy years VOID hosted more than 60 international artists at over a 100 events. After catching up on much needed sleep and sanity over the last 5 years, VOID is back with arguably the biggest name and best DJ in the scene – YOUNGSTA

On Friday the 19th of May VOID is taking over the back room of Sydney’s iconic Metro Theatre, a hand picked space worthy of the days of old. Extra subs are being prepared and lighting is being dimmed as we take over The Lair with VOID’s trademark cutting edge Dubstep and Grime sounds with splashes of classic Jungle and Drum and Bass.

One of the figureheads of dubstep since the very beginning, resident at scene-defining club night FWD>>, and the DJ who first played some of the genre’s most-loved anthems, he continues to be a hugely active figure in dubstep’s development. His weekly show on Rinse draws deep for new music, helping to expose talented new producers, and the founding ethics that defined dubstep in its early years still remain at the heart of his sets.

Youngsta was one of the first DJs to play dubstep on Rinse, alongside Hatcha and Kode9, in the early part of last decade. Since he’s borne witness to every mutation in the sound, and his shows now find music by brand new producers rubbing shoulders with Tempa artists such as J:Kenzo, Icicle and Proxima. His name is synonymous with the immersive end of the genre, something that’s run through everything he’s done over the years.

Having been involved with Rinse FM for such a long time, Youngsta has seen the music take him around the globe touring in the USA, UK and the rest of Europe. His night brand, ‘Contact.’ Continues to grow introducing a unique blend of artists from across the spectrum. Along with being the A&R for ‘Tempa’ Recordings, Youngsta has set up his own label ‘Sentry’ which sees the first release by the legendary ‘D Bridge’.

With releases on the table and collaborations cueing up, 2017 is set to be one of Youngsta’s staple years to date.